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European ocean energy industry world leadership is strategic priority for EU R&D policy

The European Commission recently published its new vision for its lighthouse energy R&D policy, the Integrated Strategic Energy Technology Plan (known as the SET-Plan).

This document sets out the Commission’s priorities to ensure research and innovation in energy fully contribute to the objectives of the Energy Union. It clearly identifies Europe's lead in "resource specific technologies for as ocean energy".

Making the EU ‘N°1 in the world in renewable energy’ was a key pledge of Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and this communication clearly identifies ocean energy’s technological leadership and the key role it will play in the future of Europe’s power mix.

Jacopo Moccia, Policy & Operations Director of Ocean Energy Europe.

According to the document, the Commission considers that it 'makes sense' to continue supporting ocean energy 'from basic research all through the supply chain to demonstration projects'.

This is an encouraging signal, OEE expects the sector to start taking off over the coming months, many worthwhile projects are moving from the drawing board to the water. The opportunities for ocean energy and European technological leadership are there and have been acknowledged by the Commission.

Jacopo Moccia, Policy & Operations Director of Ocean Energy Europe.

Download the Communication from the European Commission below.


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