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Mojo Maritime reaches a major milestone in building the Hi Flo 4 offshore construction vessel

Mojo Maritime has signed, on 16 January, a Memorandum of Understanding with Hammonia Reederei GmbH & Co. KG, a major German ship owner and manager, to finance and build the Hi Flo 4, the first ship in a completely new class of offshore construction vessels.

As a result, Mojo and Hammonia, along with other Technology Strategy Board project partners, are now working together to appoint a shipyard and secure the first charter for this innovative and exciting new ship. Designed to operate in extreme tidal races, the Hi Flo 4 has extraordinary operational potential across a wide range of offshore construction roles.

In particular, the vessel has the potential to revolutionise the tidal energy sector. Specifically, it is designed to massively reduce the weather delays and risks in operating in tide races, and as a consequence has the potential to reduce current installation costs by up to 80%. In addition, it has been designed to allow rapid operations and maintenance intervention, independent of the state of the tide, therefore dramatically increasing project yields and dramatically reducing operations and maintenance costs. It also has the potential to provide highly competitive capability and performance in a wide range of other offshore construction roles, including offshore wind, cable laying and trenching, and sub-sea oil & gas interventions.

As part of the agreement with Hammonia, Mojo will be providing specialist offshore engineering and operations expertise, to complement Hammonia’s successful track record in ship management and project development. Hammonia, as part of the Döhle Group, will rely on Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG’s excellent competencies in chartering, crew management and insurance services.

We are delighted to be working with Hammonia Reederei. They share our vision for the Hi Flo 4 vessel, and the two companies have highly complementary skill sets. Hammonia’s commitment to Hi Flo 4 demonstrates not only their confidence in the vessel, but also in the team that has brought the ship to this advanced design stage. It is a great day for Mojo.

Richard Parkinson, Managing Director, Mojo Maritime

We are very pleased indeed to be working with Mojo Maritime. From the first time we became aware of the Hi Flo 4, and its unique capabilities, we could see it had the potential to transform the offshore construction market. We are thus excited about the prospect of broadening our portfolio, and with such a highly capable ship. And we are also very pleased to be working with Mojo, given their unusual experience in marine renewable energy and offshore engineering and operations.

Rene Menzel, Managing Director of Hammonia

For further information please contact Steven Jermy or Bart Vroon on 01326 218218.