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Seatricity to share Oceanus 2 data

Seatricity has announced plans to publish core performance data from its recently deployed wave energy converter Oceanus 2.

Falmouth-based wave energy developer deployed Oceanus 2 at Wave Hub test site last week.

The company is now focused on calibrating sensors, analyzing the initial results, and tweaking settings to optimize the performance of the wave energy device.

Seatricity will compare the performance of the device with the theoretical predictions for a full range of wave, weather and tidal conditions, after which the data will be publicly shared.

We intend to share the data and analyse it as part of a dissertation project being conducted by our very own Sebastian Perry as he studies for a part-time MSc in Marine Renewable Energy at Plymouth University. We also hope to share core performance data online once we have completed the initial commissioning phase.

Andy Bristow, Seatricity

Oceanus 2 is a 162 kW wave energy device that works as float travelling up and down with the waves operates a pump to pressurize sea water which is piped ashore to drive the generators to produce electricity.

Story from Tidal Energy Today.